Monday, October 22, 2007

Aigner fabric purses~ (2 units) SOLD TO FADZI AND FATIMAHTON!!!

~gorgeous purse!!
~authentic Etienne Aigner! brand new!
~selling for RM250 (inclusive of postage from US to KL and KL to your doorstep)
~really nice and have lots of slots for cards! leather trimmings.
~only 2 units available!
~first come first serve!
~email plsss... thank you!


erinchunk said... u still have another one.hehe.just in case.and if happened to be,the girls tak jadi beli.can u please let me know :) thanks..

Delia said...

hi erin..i'm sorry both paid for them already..and i'm lucky enuff to just get two of those coz dah habis. if i can find more, i'll let u knw k? just leave me your email.