Saturday, November 10, 2007

Liz Clairborne bronze handbag for sale! ~SOLD TO RINNIE!!!

~Really nice Liz Clairborne 'LC' handbag in bronze/goldish!
~material :fabric
~genuine and brand new...
~selling for RM260! (inclusive of postage)
~only one unit!
~posting everything back end of the month! so do your bookings and make payments by then aite?


ibu zila said...

err ada tak yg mcm ni tapi warna hitam??

Delia said...

Hi...sorry, so far i jumpa kaler ni je. =(

kb said...

dia sama besar ke dgn yang goldish or smaller?

Delia said...

hi kb! it's the same size with the goldish LC...but the goldish one is a bit more expensive coz masa i beli it costs more tu je.. =)