Thursday, April 10, 2008


~At the mo', I'm already back in the States...aaaah..can't believe that I actually miss my home here..heheh (especially since hubs keeps it so spick and span! better than I did actually! *LOL*)

~And ooh, i can't wait to do more shopping for the blog, if time and energy permits...(since i'm about 6mths pregnant now and shops with my two boisterous boys in tow!! yikes!)

~If anyone wants to request for anything specific, just email me...and i'll calculate the costs (price of stuff + postage cost from US to KL + my gas money and effort) and if u agree with it, then we can talk business. =)

~If u don't agree to it pun, it's ok coz i have other blogs for your reference if u want too (shoppingwithayu, idaswardrobe, emayusli, shoppingwithlily, allureisbeautiful,dh-branded-warehouse etc) and if their price is right for you, then why not ya? I have no qualms in sharing business coz semua rezeki masing2... ;)

~Or else, u'll just have to wait and see for the new stuff i'll be having on the blog anytime soon..insyaallah.... =)

~Till then, peace out peeps! ;)

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