Friday, May 23, 2008


To avoid the hassle of scrolling down to all the pages to see what's available..I have grouped them up under the label "LAST CHANCE" on your right!

So just click on it to see what's still available for you to pick and choose and own!! =)

But heck! If u feel like feasting your eyes on what has been sold..and maybe with the possibility to re-order (if and when available in the stores), feel free to do so...but I have to warn ya'..the temptation is HIGH! hihihi

P.S: I'll be in NYC for the Memorial Day Weekend so I will not have internet connections then to check my mails.
If any of you wish to do your bookings, please do so a.s.a.p as items are per first come first serve basis..and only for serious buyers pleaseeeeee!!!
Any items not booked, will be returned as I do not wish to carry unnecessary unsold stocks!
All items booked but have not been paid in full, please do so by the 28th of May, coz my next shipment to M'sia would be on the 29th or the 30th. Thank you and have a great weekend y'all! =)

p.p.s: I have Juicy Couture wallets and wristlets for SALE (in pink or black with embroided strawberry! very juicy!! hihihi) LOOK DOWN!! ;)

a lil' note: please visit for branded high end items, tudung dubai and japanese cottons ya?

for more coach items and VS products, my friend is opening up orders too.. please visit =)