Monday, July 28, 2008


As you all know..I'm currently in my confinement right now after delivering my third baby... =) and yes, it's another boy!! I think I'm supposed to represent Posh Spice in the East Coast of USA!! hahahaha

Well anyway, only god knows how much I'm itching to do more shopping for the blog! It's therupatic for me to shop even if it's not for myself...!

Hence, since Eid is not far along now..I guess u can start your fund for those gorgeous bags you can tote around your relatives/friends house during Eid ya? and I've received an email from on their new collection and can't stop drooling on the new hamptons collection!!!

So, if there's anything you fancy and would love to have for raya...u can start browsing now at and let me knw the style and design..and I'll give you my fair quote! =)

p.s: it doesn't have to be anything from Coach per se..if there's anything else you would want me to find for you, or that you have in mind and can provide me with the link..i'll be more than happy to give me my quotation and if I can get them for you (i.e if they're available in the departmental stores in my area..Macy's, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom) there shouldn't be prob! ;)

Ideas: you can look at stuff from Marc from Marc Jacobs too coz some of the bags are not that expensive and price range are similar to Coach! but there's no Marc Jacobs outlet so price is of course higher than US retail after taking into consideration the US sales tax, shipping and handling costs etc. U can double check with the Marc Jacobs boutique in KL and see if it's cheaper to get them here eh?

other sites that u can visit includes ALDO at Just give me the link of the stuff u're interested in and if my quote is good, then let's talk business...hehehe

and ooh, some of you asked me before about SPANX but i wasn't sure where to get them. The good news is, now I can!!! (yippeeee!) so yeah, for those yg nak melaram during raya and don't want your extra bulges to show, this is your chance!! heheh just go to and let me knw the styles u want (preferrably email me the link so save me the hassle of browsing thru ya?) and i'll quote u my price inclusive of the shipping and handling. For those who never heard of was shown in Oprah and was quoted as one of her faves! so there!!

Right now, I'm praying that hubs is kind enough to sponsor the bag below for my Eid! hehehehe gorgeous innit?? *drool*

Inside zip pocket
Cellphone/multifunction pockets
Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
Zip-top closure
Lightweight pebbled leather
Fabric lining
17 1/4” handles
7 1/4” drop
14 (L) x 10 (H) x 4 1/4 (W) View All Hamptons Collection
Price: $348
Style No: 12476


Aunt Bubbly said...


zaibedah said...

Take care..


iNa said...

salam delia
ada lagi tak aigner yg available? i'm looking for 1 actually.

weezered said...

Dearest Delia,

this wish is long overdue..


The copa mundial shoes you bought for me is now safe in Beijing, for the Olympics..just want you to know that.. tak sampai Beijing pun.. at least ada contribute something kan!


The Queen Bee said...

hello delia,

congrats on ur new born baby!

and i have a suggestion here, bole tak u jual baju2 baby ker? hhihi GAP esp. hihi

Delia said...

Hi Guys! thank u for the well wishes! =)

Ina: once i dah start shopping balik, i'll let u knw k?

Weezered: no problemo! =) Hope your friend wins for M'sia in the new shoes! hehehe

Queen Bee: i tak jual baju baby sgt coz i can't afford to buy all sizes and put it up in my blog coz tak semua nak sizes sama kan? i think there's one blog yg open orders for stuff from GAP etc. Once i remember which blog..i'll let u knw k? =)

tootsie said...

hi delia,

congrats on ur newborn baby..!

I'm dying for Carly Signature (Large) coach & Carly Leather (Large)..would really appreciate it if you could quote me the price..;) here's the link:

COACH just had a SALE 30-50% in KL last weekend but i didnt managed to grab it on time :(

let me knw if u need more details..
i can be contacted at

thanks x

ps: trying to have it before my birthday in Sept!! :)

Dazzelyn said...

Hello, i'm a fan of ur blog. When u have d time, can u kindly check out 'Liz Claiborne' for the Montclair Hobo bag (Black). I wanted it so much but they don't have it in M'sia. Let me know. BTW, congrats on ur newborn.

The Queen Bee said...

it's me aka hanis. :P

nak tny kat factory outlet ade tak jual lagi baby bag coach watercolor? kat website dah x de. if yes pls lemme know how mucho.

Tracy said...

Congrats on your new born.

Can you quote me on Spanx Power Panties Color Bare Size A?

I've also delivered my second baby 4 months ago. It's hard to "get rid" of my little tummy and when I heard that Spanx can help to hide my tummy, I am so glad!