Friday, August 15, 2008

Trumpette Socks for infants 0-12mths (gal & boy) ~AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!!!

  • People has been asking where i got my son's socks... =) they're actually a gift from friends.. but I'm willing to get them for you for RM140 (inclusive of the sales tax, shipping and handling to M'sia) for pairs of 6!
  • Aren't it just the cutest??!
  • they have sizes for infants... 0-12 months ONLY! (for these designs) but i read reviews that it can fit babies up to 6mths like dat...
  • I think it's a fun way of making your kids looks like they're wearing shoes where actually they're just wearing socks! hehehe
  • I can't wait to have a baby gal next so i can buy the cute lil 'mary janes' socks! *drool*
  • What can I say? THIS SOCKS ROCKS!!! =)
  • note: product upon availability...if the ones u want is not in stock, u can either wait for it to be in stock again..or choose another design.


zreen said...

Delia... cutenya.... ada stock tak I nak......

Delia said...

it's pre-ordered zreen... =) please email me if u're interested ya? thanx!