Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm just helping out someone to sell off her 'never been used' Penelope coach bag. I just copy paste her email to if u're interested, please email me and i'll forward it to her.
"Beg ni still baru, saya belum pernah pakai bawak jalan2. cuma bergayadepan cermin kat rumah jer.My friend tolong beli from Coach butik katUS. tp at last i tak berapa berkenan pulak. Siap dgn kotak & ribbon,paperbag, coach box, paper bag & copy of purchase receipt (kalau nkmore photos berserta gmabr kotak2 pun boleh,i cn send later)

Option 1: Cash price (if nak bayar in full), RM1000 (30% deposit, 70% masadeliver but must be within 1 month) - ni pun dh kira rugi huhuhuh2.
Option 2: 3x installment for 3 months RM1250 (1st pymnt RM500, 2nd: RM500,3rd RM250. Deliver bila payment dah 100% bayar"
Price inclusive of postage via pos laju.