Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nine West brown leather purse for sale!~SOLD TO AIZA!!!

~brand new and authentic!
~leather exterior, fabric interior!
~selling for RM165 inclusive of postage!
~first come first serve! email or leave a comment for booking!


isma said...


i book yang nih..k..

mancet said...

dah sold ke belum? i nak gak :(

Delia said...

isma dah book dear...sorry. hari tu ada lagi satu but i usually make sure all items ok. kalau ada yg cam tak cantik sikit kat mata i mmg i tak amik...kat outlets mmg slalu gitu coz dia letak together with no box.

aiza said...

i want this purse. email me ur acc no and i will bank in the money.
thanx dear.