Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LeSportSac tote for sale!! HUGE!~SOLD to Melly!!!

~brand new and authentic LeSportSac travel tote for sale! GORGEOUS!!!!
~retail price around rm380! (in KLCC)
~selling for RM280! (inclusive of postage)
~really huge and spacious! (13.75 x 22.5 x 4.5 in, 34.93 x 57.15 x 11.43 cm)
~Zipped main closure
~Three front zipper pockets
~Inside back zipper pocket
~can be locked and comes with a small pouch! (can be folded and stored into the pouch) =)
~first come first serve!


wiki said...

delia, can u book this bag for me pls? tq it's wiki here bytheway..

wiki said...

hello..looks like u took out my reserved sign.. hehe interested in it.. just haven't decided yet..biasalaa me fickle.. unsure between which n which..nway, if no one buys it, I nak book perpetually k? hehe thanks delia

Delia said...

hahahaha takleh lah book perpetually..coz in order to save space, i'm leaving whatever yg takde buyer in the States. so kalau betul nak, you knw the drill.. =)

wiki said...

alaa ye ke..uhu..camner nih!! ouhhhh yg ni ke.. aigner ke coach?? warghhh