Tuesday, August 14, 2007


All items will be in KL insyaallah by the whoever has not make payments, pls do so before the items can be posted to you.

Any other items without a buyer will be left in US or sent back to their respective shops. So if u're interested in anything, please do your booking now!

As it is, I have not ask for a forfeitable deposit when u do your bookings, so please..kindly avoid making last minute cancellations... it's only fair right?

Don't forget to provide me with your addresses to ensure that the parcel reaches your goodselves promptly... =)


azma said...

Dear Delia/Nani,

I dah received my stuff - 3 items !
Thank u so much!! Of coz I love the stuff so much!! Thanks for all

Anonymous said...

delia.. mor eninewest stuff, pleasseE>>>?

Delia said...

no prob azma! dua kali i naik atas to check whether i left it at the right counter!! heheh siap jot down nama the person yg amik the parcel! hahahahha and i pestered my hubs to bukak my email on his blackberry to double check!!!! but glad u love them.. =)

azma said...

Sorry to make u trouble. Off coz I love the stuff. Nway, have a nice vacation at Msia. Thanks delia. Btw, im not Pn. Akma but Pn. Azma. My mmbr that received that parcel asking me, 'eihh dah tukar nama ke' ~sigh~ Thanks ya!