Monday, August 13, 2007

Nine West tote for sale! (2 units) ~SOLD to Sheila & SOLD to Azleen!!!

~ view from the back and front looks like this!

~pocket for storage with magnetic button on both sides! (back and front)


~bottom view

~brand new and 100% authentic!!
~lovely tote that can bring u to work and casual outings.. =)
~big enough for stashing work notes...even diapers!
~selling for rm280! (retail around rm350-rm399)
~first come first serve!!! (i prefer emails coz i might miss your comment! thanx! )


Anonymous said...

DELIA.. ADA LAGI TAK YG NI?i kenan sangat lah...

mazzuana said...

delia, i'd made a booking thru u'r email earlier, so, ada org lebih awal dari i ke? in case one of them cancel, can u put me in?

Anonymous said...

i loike sgt bag ni.. ade 2je ke?

Delia said...

yes mazz..they beat u to it. this bag is indeed very nice! ari tu ada another colour black/cream and brown but i couldn't get them coz of space probs dlm luggage. i got these two coz i returned some unsold items. if ada cancellation i'll let u knw k? but ada gak two more persons waiting in line...