Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wrap dress for sale! (used)~SOLD to CT!!!

~the wrap dress!

~the front! 1/2 sleeve...

~the ribbon can be tied at the side of the dress (either side)

~the back view and close up of the prints.

~bought this dress for rm65. (wrap dress that can be tied..floral prints)

~selling it for RM30 inclusive of postage! (used few times but still in good condition)

~please email me if interested.


syerry said...

delia, i nak tanya u. ari tu i ada visit ur FP yg entry july firecrackers tu. i nak tanya, mana u beli baju longsleeve yg u pakai kat dlm tu? tqvm!!

Delia said...

hi syerry...actually baju tu i mix and match. the long sleeve black tee is from Dorothy Perkins (bought in KL) and the skull long tee bought in H&M in US. so as long as u can mix and match your outfits, give it a go!! =)