Friday, July 20, 2007

Liz Clairborne fabric handbag for sale! ~SOLD to Serie!!!

~gorgeous Liz Clairborne handbag for sale!

~retail price about rm290!

~selling for RM240 inclusive of postage!!

~Measures: 12" (H) x 15" (L)

~available in August but payment must be made within 7 days after booking!


Anonymous said...

hi kak delia :) can u give some info about size(measurement) of this handbag..thanks :)-fathiyah

Delia said...

fathiyah..i've already put up the measurement. =)

mazzuana said...


I would like to book for the handbag.

My details : Mazzuana Shamsuddin

Anonymous said...

UWAA.. lawa nya beg ni.. takder lagi kerrrrrrr?

nur_iman said...

i like tis bag oso!!lawo sgt2!

Athene said...


ada lagi tak bag ni?