Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NineWest fabric purses for sale!

~ 9west 1 (black and cream) ~SOLD to Nabiha!!

~ 9west 2 (brick red) -NOT AVAILABLE!


~9 west 4 (black)~SOLD to Ieja!!!

~all authentic and brand new NineWest fabric purses!
~first come first serve!
~selling for RM155 (inclusive of postage)!
~a lot of compartment for c/card etc
~has a detachable chequebook slot!
~has a zipper compartment at the back of the purse for coins!
~interested? please email or leave a comment! thanx!


ieja said...

hello delia,, for the NineWest fabric purses - 9 west 3 (blue-ish grey) ade lg x? if ade i nak bookd.tq my email

niria said...

hi delia... ada plan nak order lg tak wallet nih?.. sy berminat laa pls email me