Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ribbons for sale!!! 2.74 mtr!

Floral light blue 2 ~SOLD to Naddy!!!

Small florals blue 2 (note:width9.5m)

polkadot pink/brown (note: width 23mm) ~SOLD to Erna!

polkadot blue/brown (note:width 23mm) ~SOLD to Erna!

Floral A2 ~SOLD to Linda!!!

Paisley 2 ~SOLD to Mariam!

Floral B2 ~SOLD to Mai!!!

Floral C2~SOLD to Serie!!

Butterfly 2~SOLD to Naddy!!!

~width 16mm (unless stated otherwise)

~length 2.74m (9ft)

~selling for RM15 per roll!

~please add RM5 for postage!

~only one design each so hurry!!!

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