Thursday, July 26, 2007


Items still available: (please refer to 'older posts' for details...and for available purses and/or pouch ! thanx!)

Liz Clairborne fabric bag! RM240

To differenciate the size of the Coach SwingPack and the DKNY sling bag!

The Aigner Green Logo tote for RM510!

The Aigner Green Logo shoulder bag for RM475!

DKNY sling bag selling for RM455!

Coach Scribble blue swing pack selling for RM450!

Aigner red-ish brown small handbag for RM250!

-Hi all!

-Since the flight to KL is scheduled on the 16th of August, I will need to pack everything up by 7th of August.

-Therefore, kindly make all payments due for prior bookings by the end of the month, 31st July 2007.

-Since there would be space contraints and I would like to avoid excess baggage and most importantly the customs tax (just in case coz it's not only the stuff sold on the blog, but also 'orders' and stuff for family and friends) I would pack all the items booked and paid for ONLY!

-As for items without buyers, I would either return them to the respective stores or just leave them behind in the States.

-Thus, if u like any particular item and would like to purchase it, I suggest you do your booking the latest by end of this month and make prompt payments within 7 days of the date of booking.

-If any items remained un-booked by the 31st of July, I would NOT pack them to be brought back to KL.

-Some have requested measurements for some of the bags featured. However, since I don't have a measuring tape with me at the mo'..I took the liberty of taking some pics with the bags (don't mind the model that doesn't do justice to the bags ya? hehehe) so that u can estimate the size of the items yourselves. Thank you. =)


isz_3707 said...

hi..can u gimme ur email..i'm thinking of buying coach's thing la..dunno yet but really want to have 1 of's mine

can't wait to hear from u..

Farah Diana said...

The LC fabric still ade lagi ke????
I want to see the toki doki!