Saturday, July 21, 2007

Printed Ribbons for sale!!!

Butterfly 1 ~SOLD to Erna!

Stripes 1 ~BOOKED by Hanis!!

Polkadot 1~SOLD to Serie!!

Colourful stripes 1~BOOKED by Hanis!

~width 16 mm

~length 1.22m (4ft)

~selling for RM10 (per gulung)

~please add RM5 for if u buy more than 1 lagi untung.


MummyHanis said...

semua nye lawa2. nnt i nak book 2 kot. tp x leh buat decision! lawaa semuanyeerr.

MummyHanis said...

delia i dah decide: nak stripes 1, colorful stripes

maybe nak tambah lg. :)

serie said...

ida, I book Polkadot 1 & Floral C2 yer

MummyHanis said...

i mcm nak book yg 1st ribbon tu pink/brown floral. :D

tp gimme til esok ek. :P nak pk masak2 smpi hanguss heeeee