Sunday, July 1, 2007

Liz Clairborne brown leather purse ~SOLD to Irda

~retail price: RM200+
~selling for RM150!
~first come first serve


deanna shah said...

babe, i berkenan la dengan purse liz clairborne ni, sgt2 glam tapi i sgt2 nak tau abt ke original- an nye sebab my fren baru je balik dari beijing & beli a mark jacobs handbag, pastu we went to MJ boutique and guess what..handbag kat rack tu memang same sgt dengan bags my frens yang beli kat beijing tu, so i just wondering sket la..plz explain and email it to me yah?

hani said...

mmm i've been eyeing the coach denim patchwork wristlet at coach klcc..takde ke delia? hehe

Delia said...

i rasa i ada nampak..but kalau tak salah that one price dia lain. coz patchwork lagi mahai. so if u nak yg tu email me and i give u my account number if u nak i pi beli, k?

Salina said...

Salam Delia,

really interested wit d brown leather purse tu..just wanna confirm 2 things..

a) coin compartment kat luarkan..bkn dlm..

b) yg merah tu leather ke idak? sbb kalu leather interested gak sbb price sama..

if d red 1 tu leather, i book dat 1, if not please book me d brown leather tu..TQ


Delia said...

hi salina...the brown ones dah ada orang book..but the red one tu available coz orang yg dah book earlier tak jadi if u want that one i can book for you. the bad news i'm not sure 100% whether it's leather but i rasa ye..the good news's already in KL so after u bank in the money, i can get someone to post it to you straight away. please email me at for details..thanx!

aiza said...

salam delia,

can u get me the same purse like this. i berkenan sgt2 la. pls..if not yg merah tu pon ok jgk. let me know k.

Delia said...

hi aiza...tadi i cari this one tapi takde...dia lain sikit and leather dia cam dah tak i tak beli. if u want the red one it's still me for details if u're interested ya?